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I heartily endorse Caney Arnold for California Assembly District #66.  I am confident Caney will represent well the working families of District #66 and I consider him part of our California Progressive “Gayle force” needed in Sacramento. Vote for Caney, build a better California!

Gayle McLaughlin, former mayor of Richmond California, corporate-free candidate for California Lt. Governor

— Gayle McLaughlin

I endorse Caney Arnold because I believe he is the best man for the job. Caney is my husband and I've known him for almost 19 years now. He has always had a heart of gold for the underdog, and that's just one of the reasons I fell in love with him. He is an honest man, dedicated husband, father and grandfather. He is against corruption no matter what political party is concerned and is ready to call it out. Our current Assemblyman is useless and his voting record supports that. We need Caney Arnold because he will stand up against corruption and begin our fight for real change. — Lori Arnold

Long Beach Action for Bernie Sanders worked extensively with Caney during the Bernie campaign and he often went above and beyond the call of duty. He understand the need for serious political change from the status quo and isn't taking corporate money. I believe Caney is a true progressive with a heart for meeting the needs of the people. He believes in doing the right thing and his behavior reflects that. We fully support him at Long Beach Progressive Revolution, The Environmental 99% and Long Beach Greens and we strongly encourage you to do so too! — Kristen Cox

I know Caney to be someone who will without doubt, fight for the interests of working and struggling people. I got to know Caney on the Bernie Sanders campaign, and worked with him on many occasions in volunteer efforts. He is the one we need to fight for us to put people as the priority, over the interests of Corporate profit and their lobbyists in Government. — Bill Reynolds

Caney, like myself, are fed up with the control the 2 parties have. So he is doing something more than just complain. He is informing his district of the dangers our officials are putting us in, while he's running for office. I've done many actions with Caney and I can tell you with his knowledge and his heart in the right place, he is the only choice. Al voted for the gas tax and said he has no plan of shutting down the Oil refineries. It's easy to see that he is in bed with big oil! On a personal note, thanks to Marasutchi, I voted for the only Republican in my life. My reasoning was that Al was more Republican and I was right. Caney, I wish you the best. You have been fighting the good fight tirelessly. Thank you! You've had my vote. — Miguel Zuniga

— Virginia Watanabe

I believe Caney Arnold has the needs of his community for his priorities. — Rita O'Connell

— Virginia Watanabe

Caney is the best qualified candidate, with the most common sense policies! — Bruno Cordeiro

I met Caney in 2016 while working on the Bernie Sanders Campaign . After getting to know Caney he helped me get involved in our City and encouraged me to go to our neighborhood council meetings . It is there that I saw how involved Caney Arnold really was in our neighborhood . Helping the neighborhood kids get with the city for a skatepark.. helping the homeless ..working with the local kids playing basketball and improving their skills and making them feel like they matter . Making sure we are well aware of the air we are breathing and how to make it better. Fighting for healthcare for all.. affordable housing.. social justice . I can go on and on .. I was inspired by Bernie but it was Caney that also inspired me . Thanks to him and his encouragement I am now in charge of getting 10 utility boxes painted with art through out Harbor City. Thank you Caney for all that you do to make this a better world ! I can't wait to vote for you ! — Deseray Sarcona

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